Overland-Tandberg LTO8HH SAS External Tape Drive Kit

  • Overland-Tandberg LTO8HH SAS External Tape Drive Kit
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andberg LTO-8 HH External Drive, SAS, Kit
Part Number: TD-LTO8xSA

Tandberg Data/Overland Storage NEO External  LTO8 SAS Stand Alone Tape Drive Kit (includes power cord and data cartridge and 3yrs OverlandCare Bronze-Level)

The Overland-Tandberg LTO-8 tape drive technology is the

newest LTO-generation and follows the roadmap of the LTO consortium, which now includes 12 generations.

The uncompressed capacity has doubled to 12TB compared to the predecessor LTO-7. The compressed transfer rate remains the same and amounts to 2.7TB/h. LTO-8 is the optimal solution for capacity-hungry, performance-driven applications like in the media and entertainment industry, in imaging applications, in medical environments or for the collection of scientific data. The LTO-8 tape drive supports LTFS, WORM and AES 256-bit hardware encryption providing maximum protection for data stored off-site or in transit. LTO-8 drives are read/write compatible with LTO-7 media.

Capacity: 12TB / 30TB (native/compressed*)
Performance up to 2.7 TB/h (compressed*)
Low cost of ownership and low media cost
Enterprise features and performance in a small form factor
Future proof with 12-generation roadmap
Data speed matching reduces mechanical wear and extends tape life
Proven reliability MTBF of 250,000 hrs. at 100% duty cycle
LTFS, WORM and AES 256-bit encryption
30 year archival life

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